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You have set a goal to reduce paper in your office.  Your paper chart and clinical notes have been or will soon be replaced with a computerized chart recorded in the operatory.  Yet for government and legal purposes you still need to ask your patients to sign forms.  HIPAA privacy forms, health history forms, consent forms, signature-on-file forms, the list goes on. 


Until now your only choice was to park these forms in the patient chart (you know that chart you were trying to eliminate) or scan each signed form into your practice management system's "document center", quite a time consuming process.  Now, when you think about it, doesn't it seem absurd to create a form on the computer word processor, print it out, have the patient sign it, then go to all the trouble to scan it back into the computer where it started from in the first place?   Now, for the good news.  With DentForms, you don't have to.


The form starts out in the computer.  DentForms maintains a bank of all the standard patient related forms you use in your office.  (And YES you can create and/or customize your own).  From the patient screen in your practice management system, you double click on a small icon, and you have immediate access to your form bank.  You simply select the form you want the patient to sign, the patient reviews the form on the screen, or may have previously reviewed a master copy of the form, and simply adds their signature to the form with a little signature pad device like the one you used the other day at the store.  The patient signature is now part of that form, the form can be printed for the patient if needed, the form is stored in your computer with the signature imbedded in the form.  The process is simple and eliminates printing, scanning and storage of the paper form completely.


You must maintain access to these forms either in paper or electronic form.  Why?  Well, just in case.  When you need them they are easy to print from the computer.  The form is secure.  It cannot be modified once the day is over.  Each form can be easily accessed if it is ever needed directly from the patients record.  It can't be lost.  Your data backup system protects your legal forms from ever being lost or stolen or destroyed by natural disaster.



Here is what others are saying about DentForms

"Your program made things more reliable and more professional. Thanks for improving my practice.  I sure am enjoying your program. It's making a bigger difference than I could have hoped for..."
Jeff Merrifield, DDS, San Jose, CA

"We simply love it..."
David P. Klim, DDS, Santa Cruz, CA

"Excellent value. I already stopped paying the big checks for my printing supplies."
Jerry L. Wang, DDS, MD, San Leandro, CA

"Simple and easy. We are very happy with the program."
Donna, Dr. Stephen Carosello office, Mentor, OH

"No more scanning. What could be better."
Judy Travis, City Center Dental Spa, Oakland, CA




DentForms--a new tool that builds practice efficiency.

  • Integrates automatically with your practice management system.
  • Automatically transfers necessary patient information to your DentForms bank of forms.
  • Easily add digital signatures to informed consent forms or any other document that requires a patient, doctor, or witness signature.
  • Any document in the bank of forms can be printed complete with embedded signature on demand.
  • Tracks situations where required electronic signatures were not acquired.
  • Capture patient treatment plans so there is an intact record of the planned treatment that was presented to the patient  (complete with patient signature for accepted treatment and financial arrangement).
  • Build your own Questionnaires with powerful Q & A query system
  • Works with foreign languages
  • Intuitive design means you can put it to use immediately.
  • Trial version of software lets you see how it works for your practice before you purchase your activation key.


Online Patient Registration System

eDentForms--a new service for patient "wow" factor

  • Finally, your new patients can enter their registration and health history information securely via your website.
  • All information is synchronized automatically from your web site to your office Dentforms patient forms database.
  • When patient arrives simply ask them to provide any information that they did not complete online including their signature, and the patient registration process is complete.  What could be simpler?
  • You control exactly what online information is requested and can easily make changes at any time.
  • This is a great service for the patient since they can complete their registration in the privacy of their home with all their information sources readily available.


You can try out eDentForms, just click here.

After the first welcome screen, just enter a first name, last name and birthdate.  Then enter either social sec number, drivers licence number, or phone number.  Click next and see what a patient would experience in their own online registration.


Try eDentForms Online Patient Registration System



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